“The Organization has an international agenda, yet maintains the specific qualities of local diversity. Its members are multi-national design professionals, who conduct their work through collaboration with experienced consultants“  -The Collective

Integrated Project Brief

Urban Future Organization [UFO] invests in a process of early identification of key issues and parameters that should be considered for a project striving for integrated solutions. All disciplines are empowered from the beginning to participate in the design process; the role of the client is setting the overall direction is critical. Our analysis  encompass an exploration of the organisation of programmes, events, time schedules, flows of  users as well as spatial structures, their effects and materiality.


Project Management & Accountability

For each project a director of a UFO office would be nominated as the senior member of staff responsible from start to finish of the project. In addition to the review undertaken by the Project Team, a Director not involved in the project on a day to day basis would undertake an independent audit at critical points through the design process.

Quality Management

The Directors of UFO firmly believe in Quality Management and have in place project manuals and core procedures which are continually being updated and expanded. Strict reviewing and auditing procedures are adhered to on all projects. UFO is an equal opportunity employer and adheres to a strict environmental policy which is periodically reviewed.

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