“UFO strives for making the apparently complex simple and buildable and for the synthesis between conceptional sophistication and practical inventiveness” -The Collective

The collective experience of Urban Future Organization [UFO] is extensive, covering the commercial, residential, retail, leisure, educational, health and transportation sectors of the market. Projects range from product design to new built architectural and urban projects to complicated refurbishments and retro-fits. UFO’s expertise is centred on an acute interest and expertise in sustainability. UFO is confident in working with a broad range of materials and construction methods. This includes steel and other metals, concrete, structural timber (specialist unrivalled skills), alloys, masonry, plastics, glass, composites, foams (specialist unrivalled skills) and tensile fabrics. UFO deploys advanced computer system for analysis, design and prototyping managed via Building Information Models (BIMs). All of our staff is well versed in digital modelling, visualization, simulation and 3d prototyping which is actively used in the design process. Prototype models are always delivered as part of our service at key moments of the project development. Furthermore, UFO has many links to the production industry and promotes a high level of industrialized building using a broad range of production techniques based around digital manufacture.

The Urban Future Organization:
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