Nested House

Categories: built live research


location: London, UK
date: 2004
m2: 65
euroM2: 2500

colaborators: ARUPS

description: The site is a small upper maisonette. Due to the de Beauvoir conservation area restrictions the project concentrates on the reorganization of the interior space and its relation to a split-level garden on the roof offering intimacy and privacy as well as unobstructed views to the City of London. The external treatment is only vaguely hinting at the less orthodox internal arrangement. The plan and section are as open as possible in order to maximize the vertical connection between the ground floor, first floor, second floor and the third floor roof garden with its greenery and views of the City of London. The digital 3D model is the single source of all the project information ranging from the early stages of design to the manufacturing and construction of the project. Initially the model was set up as a series of relationships between the different programs constrained by the geometry of the property, the maximum allowed pitch of the stairs and the nominal area requirements for different activities. Thes relationships have been and still can be manipulated through material, structural and formal decisions.

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