OMAC Theatre

Categories: play unbuilt

location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
date: 2007
m2: 3000
euroM2: 2000

client: OMAC Theatre Belfast
colaborators: AKT, Arups & Beck Woffenden

description: The new proposal for the OMAC Theatre in Belfast uses clustered and open programming that creates areas, which cross the boundary between audiences and performers allowing them to interact freely within the realms of the design.

With close proximity to St Anne’s prominent square, the water front, university buildings and newly refurbished quarters around Waring Street the proposal attempts to form a bridging device that is linked to all of them connecting on a local community level as well as absorbing influence on a nationally and internationally.

St Anne’s square provides the main entrance whilst providing additional performance space that forms a buffer zone for the interior of the proposal and the surrounding programs. This zone will break down the often-harsh interface between the location and the highly specific program of the building, and will further soften the boundary with an outdoor café and restaurant.

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