Categories: built research

location: Khanty-Mansiysk, Siberia
date: 2008
m2: 50000
euroM2: 300

colaborators: AA Dip 16, AA Techical Studies, C.A.S.U.S. Geologist team

description: Pneumatic actuated large span structure to harvest methane and encourage agriculture along the thawing Siberian tundra. It is an undulating structure which accelerates the transformation from tundra to fertile land through increased heat, nutrition and co2 levels. If agriculture in the rain forest leaves a trace of ash in fertile land, the proposal leaves a trace of vegetation and inhabitation in undeveloped land. Structurally and formally it challenges the use of double curvature and local form optimisation within pneumatic structures. This is a symbiotic system where the pneumatic is used to actuate and support the main language enabling far larger scales.


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