Swedish Pavillion

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Swedish Pavillion

location: Shanghai, China
date: 2008
m2: 6000
euroM2: 1200

client: The Swedish National Property Board
colaborators: Arups, AKT
contact: jonas@urbanfuture.org

description: The concept for the proposal for the Swedish Pavillion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010 is based around playing as a form of social, cultural and business interaction that surpasses ethnical, political, social, cultural and economic differences. The project facilitate a large dry ski slope on the roof. The snow is made from non toxic super absorbent polymer that take on similar physical properties of snow when saturated with water which is condensed out of the hot and humid air in Shanghai. When the water evaporates the snow returns to powder again and this process cools the inside space through the process of evaporate cooling. The cladding is constituted by a screen of bumsliders that can be unhooked designed by different Swedish artists and designers. When you are done with the exhibtion unhook a bumslider, go for a ride and who know who you would bump into. The sliders would be become a souvernir to die for:). We should have won and then Sweden would have competed for the best pavillion in 2010

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