Uomo Fashion

Categories: built shop

location: Milazzo, Italy
date: 2002
m2: 50
euroM2: 1000

client: Salvatore Otera
colaborators: Gianni Botsford Architects
contact: andrew@urbanfuture.org

description: Uomo is one of the most prestigious fashion house in Milazzo, the style and statement are strong and no compromise. We approach the project with one thing in mind: complement. A smooth operation is the key in this project. The movements from outside to inside; the drifting and browsing inside; the beauty in dressing up; the bench seating and shoes trying are all critical. And all are integrated into a modulating strips design we introduced to Salvatore. Timing is the essence of fashion, we have developed the project intensively with the client and simultaneously with manufacturers. The layout, the displays, the products and the staff operation are the core of discussion, and eventually managed and integrated via our design without compromising the performance of the space nor competition with the products.

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