Voronocity Plan

Categories: built live

location: confidential
date: 2009
m2: 600000
euroM2: 900

client: confidential
colaborators: estream architects & planning korea
contact: jonas@urbanfuture.org

description: Voronicity is large scale housing area located on the outskirts of Seoul, Korea. In order to make the development economically viable an extreme density was required with towers around forty stories. The high density created by the tall towers mediates the restrictive daylighting requirement and view corridors of the site and the local planning regulations. Due to the competition of neighbouring housing developments we were asked to create a project that would stand out and rethink both the typical residential Korean tower design as well as planning strategy. Rather than opting for an orthoginal grid as the organization devince of the site we have opted for a voronoi algorythim that can made to relate to specific design restrictions and demands. The result is a large scale housing development with some mixed use and recreation area with both scalar, height and orientational variation.

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