“Total Architecture” implies that all relevant design decisions have been considered together and have been integrated into a whole by a well organised team. This is an ideal which is well worth striving for, for artistic wholeness or excellence depends on it”. - Arup

Urban Future Organization [UFO] is committed to providing a proactive high quality design service bringing an innovative thought process to all commissions with the aim of achieving a solution which is appropriate to the client’s needs and meeting the requirements of the design brief. Ground breaking solutions and unexpected synergies are often revealed when diverse disciplines work together as one. We prefer to get all experts on board the design team from the very conception of each project. With our accumulated experience in designing various projects independently or jointly with others, we understand the importance not only in the project itself but the way the works is planned, organized and delivered.

Our holistic approach is demonstrated in the form of an overarching framework for development which precedes every project. It addresses not only physical parameters, but the full range of issues key to successful environments, including transport, utilities, economics, implementation, risk, sustainability, social objectives, and political expectations to on all projects.

The practice holds the belief that the quality of the built environment is an essential part of the economic and cultural fabric of society, in which the very best architectural, design and planning solutions play a central role.  Buildings must respond not only to the needs of owners and users, but also to the wider context of location and the environment.  UFO draws from detailed analysis of project objectives, a disciplined design approach and highly motivated, creative staff to respond to this challenge.

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