YEAR. 2014

AREA. 1700000 SQM

TYPE. 3 mixed use towers & adjoining linear park

HEIGHT. 680 meter, 580 meter & 480 meter

LOCATION. Shenzhen, China

ARCHITECTURE. UFO & Karin Hedlund, Pedram Seddighzadeh, Lukas Nordström & CR-Design

Cloud Citizen is a continuous metropolis with programmed public space suspended in the air comprising both office, commercial, leisure and cultural space. The design offers a spatially and programmatically diverse alternative to prevalent high rise monocultures. The proposal consists instead of one connected mega structure creating a third dimension of the city reaching 680 meters into the sky. Suspended public plazas and roads creates identity and acts as a catalyst for surrounding small and big businesses inspired by the bustling Hutong lifestyle. Public plazas are connected with a park that acts like a green lung and communication network in all three dimensions. Cloud Citizen harvests rainwater, it produces power from the sun, wind and algaes, it stores carbon and filters particles from the air, it provides sanctuaries for wild plants and food production modules and in sheltered locations of the structure skyparks provide the cloud citizens with closer proximity to nature, leisure and an opportunities for healthier lifest

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