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is a progressive award winning architectural practice known for their pro-active use of design technology such as parametric and BIMS modelling. Their novel design expertise eminates from the synergies between urbanism, architecture and branding. [UFO] pursue a visionary green aesthetic and sustainable urban developments made them medal winners of the HOLCIM European and global sustainability prize.

Jonas Lundberg

Leading Architect

Jonas Lundberg is an award winning architect and academic based in London, United Kingdom and in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has extensive experience in project design, project running and project management in mainly public and lifestyle related projects.  Within urban future organization Jonas is customarily coordinating, managing and organizing the design work and project delivery of international multidisciplinaray design teams.  Whilst studying at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, UK Jonas was part of forming the global practice and research collective urban future organization (1996). Jonas has been an active member of urban future organization ever since, working with urban future organization messina (1997) and subsequently he was a director of urban future organization london ltd. (1998). Curently Jonas is director of urban future organization scandinavia ab (2007).  Jonas is intrested in  concept driven projects with an innovative approach to form, structure, material, environment, inhabitation and fabrication. Besides the ability to find and generate creative concepts and solutions from within the project requirements and the client’s requests, he is intrested in how our rapdily changing environment will affect the way we do architecture.  Jonas is strongly promting the new use of design and fabrication technology to optimize the design and production process to reduce the amount of redundant and conflicting information, reducing labour cost as well as costly mistake during the building process. He is keen on using similar digital techniques from conception, to design, production and ultimately fabrication in the pursuit of an ecological architecture and urbanism.  The design work of Jonas Lundberg is being exhibited globally and is published frequently in the international architectural press. Jonas is a unit master at the Architectural Association School of Architecture & The Head of Digital Design & Fabrication at London Metropolitan University Faculty of Architecture & Spatial Design. Currently he is also a visiting lecturer at Chalmers Technical University.

Daniel Fagerberg

Leading Architect

Daniel began his training in Australia where he received his first degree, and then completed his studies 2002 at the Architectural Association in London, UK. Daniel has worked as a subcontractor for larger architectural firms since 1998 where he accumulated the experience required to develop his own firm 2006. Daniel has focused on timber and above all solid wood components, where he has developed an expertise with knowledge and contacts throughout the complete production stage. Next to architecture, Daniel has been involved in a number of cross-fertilization projects withing IT and marketing, where social and infrastructure issues have informed the development of innovative business concepts. Daniel has won and been nominated for several awards including Kasper Salin (Campushallen 2000, AIX), and the Debut Prize 2007 with his skidby of solid wood in Ramundberget, Härjedalen. He has also worked extensively in film, video and web. Daniel has lectured and taught studios touching the zone between architecture, technology and new media at both KTH School of Architecture, Architectural Association, UK, Fiuni School of Architecture in Stavanger, Norway and London Metropolitan University, UK. Daniel Fagerberg focuses on sustainable building and architecture with a special interest in solid timber and efficient industrial production and mass customization. By engaging in the full building process from 2006 he started an engineering company, -Strombro Building Workshop, currently employing three full time staff and two half time consultants. To meet the requirements of the emerging use of parametric design tools and BIM we found a new market in the translation of CAD environment into the production of building components. In 2009 Daniel therefore began the software development for the building industry (mainly timber industry) through which he in 2010 formed the company Paqam AB. Daniel Fagerberg’s current work spans from research in timber building technology, design, planning and procurement through hotel and residential projects to town planning, feasibility studies and project management

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